rent large villa in Ibiza for families and groups

Large Villas to Rent in Ibiza

Large Villas to Rent in Ibiza
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What are the most cost effective options to rent a large villa in Ibiza for families and groups? Large villas, with its spacious interiors and rooms, plenty of bathrooms, and outdoor amenities. These villas are clearly designed for large groups looking for comfort and convenience with style. And this is exactly what large groups deserve when taking on a holiday experience at the Mediterranean particularly in Ibiza. With fun and varied activities, it’s only natural that all groups deserve large villas to rent in Ibiza.

However, not all villas and accommodations are designed the same way. Some of these properties can offer just an average accommodation experience. However some will definitely add up to an amazing travel experience. If you are on the lookout for the right villa for your Ibiza holidays, then consider the following recommendations.

Villa Primavera in Ibiza

Situated in a forest reserve with pine trees dotting the property, this Ibiza accommodation is clearly designed with the travelers in mind. With 70,000 sq meters in area boasting a pool, a Jacuzzi area, and lots of area for nature-inspired activities. This Villa Primavera is a highly recommended retreat area. That is if you are in Ibiza with your family or group of friends.

large villas in Ibiza

Nature-focused accommodation now possible in Ibiza

If you are looking to relax and commune with nature after a day’s worth of exploration, then this luxury villa rental Ibiza property is highly recommended. Its naturally-preserved location and family-friendly amenities make this villa a great place to visit. It features an outdoor area with hammocks, a kitchen, and a number of outdoor beds which can be great for a large family. Families can cook and eat together al-fresco with a great view of the forest. No need to worry about the lighting as this property comes with a rustic lighting. It is creatively integrated into small concrete benches.

Fun never stops for adults

At Villa Primavera, adults and group of friends on a holiday will find the property ready for action. Aside from the outdoor kitchen and hammocks, this villa also features a pool and an open bar with a Sonos sound system. Yes, it comes with a chill out bar perfect for a few drinks of martini. But it can easily transform to a louder party area depending on the drinks and music streamed in. And since Villa Primavera is just 5 minutes away from Ibiza town, groups can easily take a hike and visit some of the promising bars in the area.

Villa Blanche in Sant Antoni

With 7 rooms best for 9 to 12 people, Villa Blanche in Sant Antoni serves as a great residential area for a few days. With a touch of modern and classy style, this Sant Antoni property is one of the best large villas to rent in Ibiza and nearby areas.

rent large villa in Ibiza

Pamper your family in a luxurious manner

Villa Blanche offers a balance between comfort and luxury that can definitely pamper travelers of all ages. Boasting 385 square meters, this modern villa boasts a cozy living room, an outdoor table for four, and a swimming pool great for late afternoon picnics with kids. Ho wabout a large group accommodation with swimming pool? Villa Blanche gets the job done by offering outdoor beds, towels, and a rustic kitchen in case someone gets hungry.

Afternoon parties and get-together with a Mediterranean flavor

If you are traveling and staying with friends, then Villa Blanche will work to your advantage. As one of the most popular large villas in Spain, this large villa will give you a number of reasons to stay just a little bit longer. Fun times at the villa starts as soon as the sun goes down thanks to its well-lit outdoor pool with beach chairs. The huge rustic kitchen can be turned into a bar which can serve appetizers when the party gets going.

Villa Josie in Sant Josie

With its rural and rustic setting, Villa Josie in Sant Josie is certainly one of the best large villas to rent in Ibiza. This is the perfect villa to rent if you are the type of traveller who wants to truly relax if you want to be away from the madding crowd. As a choice property in Sant Josie, this property has a number of features that can work for both families and group of adventurous friends.

rent large villa in Ibiza for familie

Experience a laid-back atmosphere every time

Family gatherings can become a meaningful and peaceful experience at Villa Josie. You can find it on a hillside with a farmhouse built in the 1700s as its main attraction. This vacation property clearly spells relaxation and serenity. With its panoramic views of the seas and the forest, family gatherings here will become more memorable and truly engaging. It also comes with a swimming pool and a spacious solarium where small talks and games.

Make picnics and barbeque parties different

The atmosphere may be rural and rustic but Villa Josie can certainly host parties. In addition fun gatherings with adults in attendance. After a tiring day visiting the bars and partying at Ibiza and nearby areas, this villa can definitely serve as a refreshing retreat. With its outdoor kitchen and table for 8 makes it an ideal location for late afternoon barbeque parties. Add a sweeping view of the valley and the sea and you can now come up with a romantic setting for couples.

Villa Alexa in Santa Eulalia

Who says that your Mediterranean adventure stops once you go home and rest for the night? With Villa Alexa in Santa Eulalia, you are given more reasons to have fun and enjoy even after completing your day trips in Ibiza. As one of the most popular private villas to rent in the area, Villa Alexa offers all the right amenities that can suit all ages, with varied interests.

Rent large holiday villa ini Ibiza for groups

Barbeque parties by the pool

With its pool, porch, and a dining area, the possibilities can be endless at Villa Alexa. One popular activity for residents is hosting a barbeque party. This villa is clearly designed for this outdoor activity. Obviously thanks to a Siemens-equipped kitchen and an outdoor area suited for this activity. If the dining area is not enough, you can also bring the party to the pool. Boasting an infinity pool and a chill-out area overlooking the palm-lined valley, Villa Alexa can easily transform into a party location at home.

Chill out and just dance when in Villa Alexa

When you rent large villas in Spain for large groups, what you need is comfort, privacy, and of course an area for more parties. On this note, Villa Alexa clearly delivers thanks to its authentic Ibiza design and atmosphere. With its infinity pool, chill out area, and dance floor, this large group accommodation with swimming pool surely screams fun and good times. You can turn up the volume and let it lose. Even host parties by the pool, or simply chill out while waiting for the sun to rise.

Villa Aguila in Zona Norte

If Ibiza is known for its beaches, then Zona Norte is one of the best places to start. It’s home to some of the most relaxing and picturesque locations including Sa Canal d’en Martí, Benirràs, and Sant Llorenç de Balàfia where adventures and explorations can start. But more than these well-known locations, Zona Norte is also home to some of the best large villas to rent in Ibiza. One of its prized properties is Villa Aguila. It´s a Thai-themed villa and accommodation that can work for families and group of friends.


Be fabulous even when relaxing

One of the best things about Ibiza is that you can travel and unwind in a fabulous manner in different ways. Even if you are staying at a villa. Ibiza provides you with an opportunity to enjoy and connect with the seas and nature. This is exactly what your family can experience with Villa Aguila. It´s one of the highly recommended villas for large groups. With 7 rooms and 8 baths, the personal needs of your family members will be accommodated with confidence. Outside, treat guests to a well-manicured lawn and a pool that offers a sweeping view of the countryside. The outdoor area is just perfect for your planned al-fresco dining plans. Or you can turn it up a bit with a clean party for family members.

Party in style and privacy

The Thai-inspired architecture will add warmth and style to the interiors, but party-goers will definitely love the amenities outdoors. This large villa features an outdoor space that promotes real comfort and privacy. If your group loves partying then the swimming pool and outdoor chill area will definitely fit into your plans. After a wild night of partying, you can always end up with a meaningful early breakfast al-fresco in a dining table that can seat up to 10 people. At Villa Aguila, everything is possible under the Ibiza skies.


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