Ibiza family holidays

Ibiza Family Holidays

Ibiza Family Holidays
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Ibiza family holidays and fun in the sun

Are you planning on Ibiza family holidays this year? Some might think…Ibiza with kids? Ibiza with a toddler? Well, many people may think that Ibiza is not an ideal destination to spend the holidays with the family because of its world-famous party scene. Ibiza isn’t all about the parties and the night life. There is more to Ibiza than what most of us know.

Ibiza is actually a family-friendly destination. There are a lot of activities and attractions where both kids and adults would enjoy. There are family friendly beach clubs Ibiza and also educational, historical, and cultural places to visit in the island. The restaurants also offer separate menus for kids and for adults.

Ibiza family holidays are ideal because of its generally warm and sunny weather, nice beaches with shallow and calm waters, and a lot of fun and exciting activities for the whole family. The island is also clean, safe, and there are a lot of options for family accommodation in Ibiza in terms of style, price, and location.

Ibiza family holidays in the sun

Ibiza family holidays filled with Kodak moments

Where to go in Ibiza for Families?

Here is a family guide to Ibiza where we show you the best places in Ibiza for families are:

Family beaches in Ibiza

Ibiza has really nice beaches whether you prefer secluded coves, to not so crowded beaches, unspoilt beaches, beaches with great sunset spots, beaches with shallow waters, or whatever your preference is, Ibiza has the perfect place for your family to enjoy those sunny days during your Ibiza holiday.

There are hundreds of beaches to choose from and there will always be one that would satisfy the taste of each individual. You´ll find a lot of activities that you can do at the beach such as do picnics or barbecues, go swimming, snorkeling, kayaking, and do other water sports. There are a couple of resorts in Ibiza that are designed for families:

Portinatx Beaches

Portinatx is located at the northern most part of Ibiza and is composed of three beaches. Each of these beaches have their own lifeguard and there are a lot of activities to do in the area such as snorkeling, sunbathing, swimming, and doing water sports. The resorts and accommodations in the area offer activities, entertainment, and sports to entertain anyone of any age.

Source: firstchoice.

Es Caná

Es Caná is a family-friendly beach that is located in the north of Santa Eulalia. The long stretch of the beach has a lot of sun beds where the adults can relax and enjoy while drinking their favourite cocktails and watching the kids play. The beach also has pedalos and other water activities to keep everyone entertained.

Cala Bassa

Cala Bassa can be found south of San Antonio. It has a shallow sweeping cove with mild waters and a lot of rock pools where kids can go snorkelling, exploring, and clambering. There are also banana inflatables and pedals available on the beach. There is also a dedicated lifeguard on the beach.

Water Parks

Water parks are for everyone but kids love water parks more than the adults. There are a couple of water parks in Ibiza where the whole family can relax, have fun, and enjoy. It is a perfect place to spend quality time with the family. The water parks have pools, slides, tubes, chutes, sun beds, lawns, and play areas.

Ibiza family holidays and rented villas

Watersparks for the whole family in Ibiza family holiday

Playa d’en Bossa

Playa d’en Bossa is one of the water parks that children love in Ibiza. Be warned though that this area can get crowded and pretty noisy during the peak season.

Beach Clubs

There are a number of beach clubs in Ibiza where families can relax and enjoy. The beach clubs have a couple of restaurants to choose from to share a meal with the family  and there are also bars where you can enjoy drinking cocktails while listening to live music. The difference of beach clubs from normal beaches are that they provide a little service.

Ibiza Family Villa with Pools

There are a lot of family villas offered for holiday goers in Ibiza and most of them are perfect for families. It’s like having your very own home away from home. These villas are fully furnished and you can freely do whatever you want to do like cook food and prepare your own meals, have a barbecue party, swim all you want while enjoying the lovely sceneries around you, and a whole lot more.

Staying in a villa gives you a homey feel and it also means getting to spend more quality time with the family because you don’t need to share the pool or the living area with anyone else. It means having your own private space where you can spend hours just relaxing and enjoying the warm weather, the wonderful view, and the good company of family.

Villa Serra

Is Ibiza expensive for Families?

Family holidays in Ibiza can be affordable or expensive depending on your style and budget. Traveling with the whole family means having to spend a lot more but it doesn’t always have to be expensive. You can opt for an Ibiza family 5 star service. Or a package that is Ibiza family all inclusive where you don’t need to think about the activities that you will be doing or the places you will be visiting because everything will be done on your behalf.

This kind of option is of course expensive but then again this family holiday in Ibiza rarely happens or it just occurs at least once in a year that you would be willing to save up and spend on something like an Ibiza family holiday with unforgettable memories.




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