Why Villa’s Are Better Than Hotels

Why Villa’s Are Better Than Hotels
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When considering booking a holiday, the most common inclination for most people is to look for a hotel. Even though hotels are commonly used by a large number of people, there can be major drawbacks to booking hotels. That is why a number of modern tourists are shifting over to renting private villas. Here is why private villas are better than hotels.

More Space

One of the biggest advantages that come with hiring a villa is getting all that extra space. Hotels have very limited space. Even the biggest hotel suites are limited In terms of space. One the other end, villas offer you a massive space to be able to comfortably settle in. In terms of spacing, villas also offer a much larger space and multiple rooms. In usual villas there are multiple bathrooms and entertainment options, providing a larger space to be able to have a comfortable vacation.

More Privacy

No matter how private a hotel is, there are still a large number of people staying in the hotel. On the other hand, villas are extremely private. You get to have space for yourself and irrelevant people do not have access to your rented property. This means you can conduct your vacation in privacy and have a great time instead of worrying about your privacy.

More Amenities

Whiling staying at a hotel, you only get to have a limited number of amenities. On the contrary, renting a villa is like having your own private home. You get to have access to a large number of different amenities. These include laundry, multiple bathrooms, and other entertainment options.

Better Value For Money

Renting a villa provides you with great value for your money. You get the ability to have a large space where you can have the freedom to enjoy your vacation the way you want to. For longer stays, villas offer access to kitchens, multiple bathrooms and other options that definitely make it a better investment over time.


For pet owners, one of the biggest hassles can be looking for pet-friendly hotels. Most hotels do not have the adequate arrangements required to handle pets. On the other hand, most villas have accommodations ready in place for your furry friends to make sure that your vacation goes seamlessly without having to compromise on the living conditions of your pet.

Better Views

Due to their private nature, most villas offer amazing views that are not accessible from hotels. For hotels, a lot of times the rooms with the best views are already booked due to high public demand. When you rent a villa, you get the ability to select the one with the best views and get to enjoy it from the dimension you want instead of being stuck in a small room.

Kid-Friendly Atmosphere

One of the best aspects of renting a villa is the fact that kids can be kids. There is no worrying about the kids disturbing the neighbors or messing with other aspects of the space. In villas kids have the ability to run and play all they want, making life relaxing and fun.

Healthier Dietary Options

Most of the times when staying at hotels, we tend to get carried away with dietary choices. That breakfast buffet can be really calorie intensive and take a toll on your healthy eating. Villas, on the other hand, offer you the ability to customize your own meals and cook what you feel like eating. With a private kitchen on hand, villas allow you to cook your own meals. Some villas also offer chefs on hand which can be a great option to be able to customize meals and have custom meals cooked on demand.

Perfect For Larger Familie

For larger families, it is extremely important to have adequate spacing. A lot of times in hotels, larger families have to split up in multiple rooms. It is then important to ensure that thee rooms are close to each other. That really depends on availability. Apart from that, not having space definitely limits the extent of the activities that can be carried out. Renting a villa allows you to enjoy the holiday spirit with your large family. You get to involve every member of the family into the festivities and have a great time. The allocation of multiple rooms and space allows efficient management similar to living in your own house. The villa is also much more affordable compared to renting multiple rooms in a hotel.

Due to all the reasons listed above, villas are the perfect destination for you to relax and have a great time with your family. While on a vacation, you get to feel right at the comfort of your home with all the amenities and space you want without breaking your pocket.

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