Ibiza Weather in May

Ibiza Weather in May
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If you want to rent a holiday villa in Ibiza you are lucky because is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Spain. It is one of the five Balearic islands along the Mediterranean Sea in the western coast of Spain. Its beautiful beaches, breath-taking landscapes, colorful heritage, and exciting night life has attracted visitors all over the world since it opened its doors to international tourists in the 1950s.

Its official name is “Eivissa” in the Catalan language. The Phoenicians were believed to be the first settlers of the island, who built a port in 654 AD. Thus, the island is home to different UNESCO Word Heritage sites. These include the Phoenician site at Sa Caleta, the Necropolis at Puig des Molins, and the historic old town of Eivissa, Dalt Vila.

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Summer & Winter Climate

Ibiza became famous to visitors not only because of its pristine beaches and party places. The island is also popular to tourists because of its ideal climate that makes people enjoy its scenery without experiencing extreme weather conditions. Ibiza has a semi-arid climate. The area receives more rainfall during some months.

  • Temperature in the island ranges from 20 °C (68 °F) to around 30° C (86 °F) during Summer.
  • During winter, temperature is as low as 8 °C (46.6 °F) to 19 °C (60 °F).

This climate is very ideal for people who loves warmer winter.

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Summer season in Ibiza starts in May. Thus, the weather in this island during this month is usually sunny. Weather records and forecasts say that the temperature in Ibiza for the whole month of May ranges from 20 °C (68 °F) to 24 °C (75.2 °F). Humidity ranges from 56% to 92%, semi-mild to very humid. There are also chances of rain within the month up to 25%, but will drastically decline towards the end of May.

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What to Wear in Ibiza in May

When going to Ibiza during the summer season, bring your summer shorts, t-shirts, and swimwear. Also, don’t forget your sarong, sunhat, flip flops, and sunglasses. You can get a tan while enjoying the beach but don’t forget to put on some sunscreen to protect your skin.

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It is also best for tourists to pack their jerseys, sweatshirts, or light jackets because its usually colder and windy after sunset. But bring party clothes and shoes if you’re planning to party at night. Most clubs don’t allow someone wearing shorts, shirts, and flip flops inside night clubs.

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Things to do in May

There are a lot of activities that tourists can do in Ibiza in May. People can always enjoy swimming in its turquoise waters, walking along the white sand beaches, doing outdoor things with their kids or exploring magnificent coves. At night, visitors can choose from different night clubs to dance and party. For those who don’t enjoy big crowds and loud music, they can opt to have sumptuous dinner at fine restaurants all over the island.

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Tourists can also visit different UNESCO World Heritage Sites like the “God’s Finger” in the Benirras Bay and the remains of the acropolis of the first Phoenician settlement in Sa Caleta. The Ses Feixes Wetlands and “The Egg of Columbus” monument in Sant Antoni are good places to visit as well.

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Outdoor Culture

There are a lot of historical monuments and sites that you can visit in Ibiza. The most famous site is the Dalt Vila Renaissance walls in the old Ibiza town. Other monuments are the Asentamiento Fenecio de Sa Caleta, Baluarte de Sant Pere, Catedral de Ibiza, Monasterio de Sant Cristobal, and Sa Punta des Moli. Visitors can also visit different churches like the Capilla de Immaculada Concepcion in Forada, Idlesia de Puig den Valls, and the Iglesia de Sant Antony de Portmany.

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Tourists that are more interested in Ibiza’s cultural heritage can visit Can Botino, Casa Broner, and Iglesia del Convent. Also, there are several museums that tourists can visit around Ibiza such as Centre d’interpretació des Amunts, Centro de Interpretación del río de Santa Eulalia Can Planetes, Museo Arqueológico de Ibiza y Formentera-Sede Dalt Vila, Museo Etnográfico de Ibiza, and the Centro de interpretación Ses Salines.

Visitors who are nature lovers can also explore Ibiza’s two national parks—the Ses Salines Natural Park and the nature reserve in es Vedrà, es Vedranell. People can enjoy having picnic under the lush green trees and spot some peregrine falcons or fishing eagles in these places.

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Fun & water activities

Aside from going around the island, tourists may also be interested in joining boat tours to sail the waters around the island and explore coves and hidden bays. Visitors can also visit Formentera, the sister island of Ibiza that is also home to crystal clear waters and virgin beaches.

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Tourists can also do several water activities like sailing, windsurfing, parasailing, wakeboarding, kite surfing, stand-up paddle, or kayaking. Adventurous visitors can feel the adrenaline rush by riding a jet ski, a jet boat, or a fly board. They can also explore the wonderful world underwater by snorkelling or scuba diving in Llado Norte and in Cala d’Hort Nature Reserve.

Other sports activities in the island include fishing, playing golf, and horse-riding. There are sports events in Ibiza that tourists can join or witness from time-to-time. More adventurous tourists can opt to go trekking, hiking, biking, mountain climbing, and cliff diving. There are tour packages and group tours that offer these services for Ibiza’s visitors.

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Shopping in May

Another cool way to enjoy the island is by exploring its hippy markets (like Sant Jordi Market) that offers different local products and crafts. Tourists can also go around Ibiza to have a taste of local delicacies and wines.

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The Medieval Fair is one of the events held in Ibiza every year. It is celebrated around the second week of May in Dalt Vila. During the fair, locals are dressed in Medieval clothes and a themed market is set up. There will be entertainers performing in the street and there will be a firework display at night. This is a good event to experience the local culture in the island. It is also a great place to buy souvenirs for your friends back home.

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Surely, Ibiza is one cool place to visit not just in May, but all year round. Its beauty and versatility allows tourists to enjoy their vacation and experience activities that they prefer and enjoy most. Whether a visitor is a beach bum, a water sports enthusiast, a nature lover, a party animal, a history buff, or an adventurous spirit; Ibiza offers a variety of things to do and ensures that its visitors are having the time of their lives.

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