celebrate new years in Ibiza

Count down New Years Eve in Ibiza

Count down New Years Eve in Ibiza
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Count down New Years Eve in Ibiza

Is spending New years eve in Ibiza on you bucket list? As you may already know, Ibiza is a popular destination during the summer because of its legendary parties, epic club scene, lovely beaches, and beautiful sceneries. It is Europe’s night life capital where the best DJs in the world, celebrities, and other famous people can be spotted. During the winter, a lot of establishments such as hotels, restaurants, and bars are closed for operation. Winter in this island is pretty low-key. This doesn’t mean that the festive Christmas season is not a great time to visit Ibiza.

Ibiza Christmas, Ibiza New Years Eve, and Ibiza New Years Day are one of the best occasions to celebrate in the island with its glamour and local good cheer. Unlike most countries where the Christmas season is celebrated by spending tonnes of money shopping for decorations and Christmas gifts and spending lavishly on food, people in Ibiza spend the holidays with their loved ones buying them modest gifts and celebrating Christmas and New Year eating leisurely meals either at home or at a restaurant. Raves in Ibiza and concerts in Ibiza are not to be missed during this festive season.

fireworks on new years in Ibiza

Ibiza Christmas

Christmas season in Ibiza officially starts on the 2nd of December where a Christmas illumination is held in Ibiza town and ends on the 6th of January where the annual Three King’s procession takes place. Aside from the Christmas illumination on the 2nd of December in Ibiza town, there are also other winter lighting events that take place in various parts of Ibiza such as San Antonio, Plaza España, and Santa Eulalia all throughout December.

Instead of crowded malls, there are Christmas markets all over Ibiza in December. This is a common tradition in Europe. They usually open a couple of days before Christmas and are decorated in Christmas colours. One can find food, decorations, accessories, clothing, antiques, and a lot of other interesting things being sold in the stalls.

There are also activities in the Christmas markets that are dedicated for kids while the adults enjoy shopping. The Christmas markets showcase artists, exhibitors, painters, DJs, street artists, and other performers where passersby can enjoy the show while feasting on some food and cocktails. Checkout the Ibiza calendar on the internet to be informed of the various Ibiza events during the Christmas season.

Also expect to see fireworks, the streets decorated with Christmas lights, cosy restaurants with stone cave walls and open fires, live music being played at the square, and coloured lights reflecting off the water.

Spend christmas and new years eve in Ibiza

Ibiza Christmas Party

Many of the restaurants that are open during this season offer a variety of Christmas dishes and specials. The dishes served are only particularly served during the Christmas season. There are restaurants that serve traditional Christmas cuisine, some with an added mediterranean twist, while the rest serve Christmas set menus. You can opt to hold your Christmas party in one of these restaurants. You can make reservations at the restaurants to hold exclusive parties or if you want to spend Christmas Day or New Years Eve in those luxurious restaurants with an amazing view and a cosy atmosphere that are exclusively open during this season.

On Christmas Day, people in Ibiza spend quality time with the family. You will typically see four generations celebrating Christmas together either at home or at a restaurant. No one goes to bars on Christmas Eve and most of the restaurants, bars, and clubs are closed on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Christmas Day in Ibiza is really meant to be spent with the family, friends, and loved ones. Wouldn´t you agree?

Ibiza in December Nightlife

Ibiza still throws the best parties in December especially during the New Years Eve until the New Year despite some of the clubs and bars closed during this season. There are still concerts, raves, street parties, and live performances in the Christmas markets in December.

San Antonio, Santa Eulalia, and the city of Ibiza usually have an action-packed calendar of events in December. There are a lot of carol concerts all over the island and also in the small towns.

Just like Christmas, New Year in Ibiza is also traditionally a family affair where families gather together and dine at restaurants or celebrate at private parties with a private chef if you wish, and then head to the bars or clubs after midnight. There are only quite a few people who choose to celebrate New Year’s Eve on the streets compared to the UK or the US.

Here are some of the go to restaurants and clubs during the New Years Eve and New Years Day:

Cotton Club: NYE Glamorous Seafood Brunch or Black Tie Dinner

Have brunch on the terrace of Cotton Club and enjoy a sumptuous platter of seafood, charcuterie, meats, and desserts, paired with champagne and other cocktail drinks while marvelling on the gorgeous view of the sea and listening to chill sounds played by DJs. You can also opt to celebrate the New Year’s Eve here as this club is famous for its NYE black tie dinner and party.

cotton lounge new years party suit and tie in Ibiza

Lamuella Restaurant: NYE

As one of the top restaurants in Ibiza, Lamuella offers a 4-course gourmet set menu on New Year’s Eve as people opt to have dinner parties here while listening to classic, soul, disco, or funk music played by DJs.

Lamuella new years part dinner and dance in Ibiza

Heart Club: NYE

Heart Club throws one of the biggest New Year’s Eve parties in Ibiza. It usually throws a theme where people get dressed up based on the theme.

New years in Ibiza at heart

Rio Ibiza: NYE

This club serves modern European cuisine incorporated with Ibiza’s ingredients. They offer steaks, seafoods, and cocktails. Famous DJs play at the bar and club on the second floor. Rio Ibiza also has a great panoramic view of the San Antonio harbour.

Rio Club New Year´s Party in Ibiza

Circoloco NYD at DC10

Circoloco is one of the iconic dance floors in the world. It is usually jam packed during the summer and it is also the same during the New Year’s Day party. Tickets get sold out immediately. It usually has a good line-up of DJs and artists performing for the New Year that makes clubbers spend the New Years in Ibiza.

circoloco new years party celebration in Ibiza

Pacha Ibiza New Years Party

The New Year’s Party in Pacha Ibiza is not to be missed. Pacha Ibiza is one of the most famous clubs in the world and it hosts the biggest party in the island on New Year’s Eve. Pacha is the only big club in Ibiza that is open all year round so the New Year’s celebration is always one of the most important events in Ibiza New Year’s festivities.

Get your Pacha Ibiza tickets as soon as possible if you are planning to attend the dinner show and the Ibiza New Year’s party. The festivities start at 9pm where guests are presented with mouthwatering dishes and an acrobatic experience. The 12 grapes tradition is done at midnight and everyone raises their glass of champagne.

The 12 grapes tradition, also known as Las Uvas, is done in all of Spain. Each person is handed out 12 grapes that are to be swallowed as soon as the clock strikes 12. Each grape should be swallowed at a rate of one second. Those who succeed in eating all the 12 grapes in 12 seconds after midnight are guaranteed to have good luck for the rest of the year. After this traditional event, Pacha is transformed into a club starting at 1am.


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