7 tips for packing to ibiza

7 tips that you should follow to pack your suitcase to Ibiza

7 tips that you should follow to pack your suitcase to Ibiza
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In a few days, your dreamed holidays in Ibiza are going to start and that excites you. But suddenly, you realize, that you haven’t done your suitcase yet! Is that happening to you? Don’t Panic!!, because Rentibizaholidayvillas is going to give you the perfect tips to have your suitcase packed in the twinkling of an eye, right here.

Make a perfect suitcase to Ibiza

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Plan your travel

First of all, you need to know how is going to be your travel, what weather and temperature is going to be in Ibiza, how many days are you going to stay there… That things are going to give you main ideas of what are you going to need in your suitcase.

To help you to look for that information, you can visit any post of Ibizarentholidays’ blog, but we recommend this post, where you can find 10 things to do with kids in Ibiza, and this one, where you can know the weather in Ibiza in May.


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Choose the perfect size for your suitcase

After planning your trip, the second decision that you have to take is the perfect size for your suitcase, considering the information that you collected in the plan of your travel.

If you are going to stay many days in Ibiza you should take a bigger bag than if you are  going to stay there for 2 or 3 days.

  • The small size (46 to 55 cm) is perfect for a weekend trip.
  • The medium size (56 to 65 cm  or 66 to 70 cm) is for a week or 10 days of travelling
  • The big size (more than 70 cm) is for 15 or more days of travelling. Moreover, it is the perfect size if you want to share the suitcase with someone.
The diferent size of suitcases

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And, how many suitcase should you pack? It would depends on how many people is going to travel with you.  If all the family is going to Ibiza, everyone should have their own medium size suitcase. Furthermore, if you are going to travel with your partner, a medium size suitcase should be enough for both and if you want to travel on your own the perfect size for you is the small one.


Family in the Ibiza beach

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Make lists

To make sure that you don’t forget anything for your trip, we recommend you to make a lot of lists of all the things that you want to pack. This will give you confidence about getting everything that you are going to need in Ibiza.

Make lists to improve relax.

Make lists to travel to Ibiza

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Choose clothes that could be combined between them

Most of the time, we pack a lot of clothes in our suitcase that we know that we aren’t wearing in our trip. However, we pack them anyway, because we think “What if I…?” and that is one of the most common mistakes.

You don’t need too much clothes to travel to Ibiza, so you should be practical, and add to your suitcase that clothes that are easy to combine, like pairs of jeans, basic colours t-shirts, comfortable shoes and swimsuits, of course. Then, you can pack some handbag or necklace as a complement or some extra looks that you really love, too. With this piece of advice you could wear many looks without occupying space.

Remember that ,although in Ibiza it is almost always sunny, you should ask the temperature before packing, to make sure that you get it right with the clothes!

Look for travelling to Ibiza

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Tidy your suitcase perfectly

An important trick, to pack lots of things in your suitcase, is to tidy everything in the correct way. But, what is it? Pay attention:

Heaviest and most resistant things ,like trousers or the toilet bag, should be in the lowest side of the suitcase because they can carry weight without problems. On the other hand, the most fragile and delicate things must be in the uppermost part of the bag to certain that your things are in a perfect state all over the trip.

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Introduce little things like complements and products of personal care in bags in a way that you can pack a bigger amount of things and then, find them easier.

Personal care in a bag

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Complements in a plastic bag

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Use the hollow between the shoes to keep other objects of complements like belts or socks.

Socks and belts in the hollow of the shoes

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Take an empty plastic bag in your suitcase to keep your laundry away from the clean laundry.

Liquids should be appropriately packaged in plastic bags to avoid that they wet all the suitcase. Remember that the liquids couldn’t be more than 100 ml in your handbag for the plane.


Liquids in bags

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In Rentibizaholidayvillas recommend you not to fill the suitcase completely, so you can keep on it anything that you buy on the island during your trip.


Folding clothes correctly

Maybe, if your bag is not very big, you would like to leverage all the available space on it. A good way to do this is to fold all your clothes correctly. But how is the correct way? So easy, you can roll them!  Also, if you roll your clothes, they would wrinkle less!

Look at this video to know how could you roll your clothes:

However, in case of some of your clothes looks wrinkled, an useful trick is to hang them on a hanger while you are having a shower. The  hot water vapour would help you to reduce the wrinkles.


Essential things that you can’t forget

Whatever happens, there are some things that you can’t forget to pack to Ibiza like some perfect swimsuit, sun cream, personal documentation, sunglasses, an Ibizan look and a lot of desire to enjoy Ibiza!!


Sunglasses and suncream for the beach Ibiza

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However, If you don’t know how to do your suitcase perfectly yet, don’t worry. The experience gives it to you, and Rentibizaholidayvillas gives you the opportunity to get that experience with all the amazing villas and houses that you can rent for a memorable holidays.  

Ibizan look in Ibiza

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