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Top 10 Celebrities with Holiday Villas in Ibiza

Top 10 Celebrities with Holiday Villas in Ibiza
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Summer is here. You’re excited on your trip to one of the best places where you can find beaches – Ibiza. Are you headed to the White Isle for your vacation? Then, you are definitely making the right decision. Ibiza has always been a fascinating destination because of its wonderful beaches, sophisticated restaurants, fun festivals and absolutely impressive marine life adventures. Celebrities are attracted to this place; a lot of them visit this island, have their own holiday villas in Ibiza, and party all night until the break of dawn.

During the summer when people want to get that sun-kissed skin, it is usual that the rich and famous all hit Ibiza as well. Even you can name tons of celebrities in Ibiza every summer break in their chic board shorts and sexy bikinis.

A-list Hollywood actors, international artists, fashion models and famous DJs are who you will spot on this island. They are probably sunbathing or swimming in the clear waters. There are a few celebrities who have already bought properties in Ibiza because they have decided to make it their summer getaway location, so they have been continually coming to the island every once in a while to admire the beauty and experience a life of adventure.

Top Places in Ibiza Where Celebrities Usually Hangout

Here are the top hangouts of the celebrities when they go to Ibiza. Either they mingle with everybody or they just want to relax or hide away from the crowd. Are you going to Ibiza this summer and wondering where you can find famous celebrities? Look for these top 6 places to meet one of them.

  • Blue Marlin

This is the most famous and more likely to be the legendary beach club in Ibiza. Their client list includes Beyonce, Nicole Scherzinger, Sylvester Stallone and Elle Mcpherson. In this beach club, yachts are easily found where famous DJs play their mixes and partying with the yachts’ owners.

blue marlin ibiza beach club

Source: Blue Marlin

  • Pikes Hotel

Pikes hotel is owned by Tony Pike where you can see pictures of him in the foyer with famous celebrities like Kylie, Naomi Campbell, Jon Bon Jovi, Freddy Mercury and a lot more. Pikes hotel was also the place where they filmed the Wham’s club Tropicana Video. It is also the home of the after-parties in Ibiza where celebrities are hanging out on the pool or mingling with people.

pikes hotel in ibiza

Source: Trip in view

  • Nikki Beach

Nikki Beach have just opened their doors last 2012; it immediately became one of the best destinations in Ibiza. The yacht owned by Paris Hilton was moored permanently outside it in the summer last year.

nikki beach ibiza beach club

Source: Essential Ibiza

  • Benirras Beach

The Benirras beach attracts a bohemian crowd. Jade Jagger has her home near this beach, and you can also find Charlotte Tillburry and supermodel Natalia Vodiavona enjoying the place with her children. The British Prime Minister and his wife have also visited this part of the island during their most public Ibiza holiday last 2013.

photo benirra beach in ibiza

Source: Eco Ibiza

  • Cipriani

This is located in downtown Ibiza. You’ll be surprised to see Leonardio DiCaprio eating lunch beside Naomi Campbell’s table during the summer months. It is a two-story elegant restaurant with the beautiful sceneries of the harbor.

Cipriani restaurant in ibiza

Source: Cipriani


Celebrities with Holiday Villas in Ibiza

These famous people have their cash to splash at Ibiza, buying holiday villas where they could spend their summer break. They bought a property at Ibiza because of the club scene or for relaxation in the northern end of the island. What else could be better than the White Isle?

David Guetta

This Parisian dance artist has been returning to the White Isle to present his new single at Pacha every Thursday.  It is no doubt that this superstar has a villa in Ibiza because this is actually the place where his career started to rise up and as written in his bibliography he is “Made in Ibiza”.

David Guetta in Ibiza

Source: Vanitatis El Confidencial.


Paris Hilton

If you stalk Paris Hilton on her Instagram, you will be able to see a lot of luxurious photos of her being the DJ resident in her Foam Party at Amnesia, the “Amnesia on Sundays, Foam and Diamonds”. She has been flying to Ibiza every summer for at least four years now and just like what she has said, it is her favorite place in the world.

Paris Hilton holiday in ibiza

Source: Welcome Ibiza.


Carl Cox

This British DJ is now a regular at Ibiza. He also has a weekly residency at Space Ibiza that started fifteen years ago. He would be returning to Ibiza this year to host his very own PURE Party at Privilege.

Carl Cox in ibiza

Source: Ibiza Global Radio.



She bought a luxurious apartment in Life Marina Ibiza last 2013. She has been coming to Ibiza along with her kids Milan and Sasha.

Gerard Pique

The Partner of Shakira bought an apartment in Life Marina Ibiza, which is the celebrity’s favorite place. The architect of the apartments is Jean Nouvel, who certainly did a great job in accommodating the couple.

shakira and pique in ibiza

Source: Hola


Cristiano Ronaldo

This football megastar Cristiano Ronaldo has been caught relaxing on a yacht in Ibiza before EUFA Euro 2016 has started. He chose the island for his break every summer.

Cristiano Ronaldo summer holiday in ibiza

Source: Vanitatis El Confidencial


Jade Jagger

To escape the busy city in London, Jade Jagger, the daughter of Mick Jagger, enjoys her summer break at her 400-year-old small finca in San Juan with her family. She bought it last 1998, and her famous friends like Kate Moss have been spotted hanging out at her place.

Jade Jagger summer holiday in Ibiza

Source: Blue Marlin


Zinedine Zidane

The Real Madrid’s famous and successful coach bought a villa in Talamanca. He is often times seen on a yacht relaxing with his wife and his sons. He will surely be coming back to Ibiza this summer.

zinedine zidane summer holiday in ibiza

Source: Vanitatis El Confidencial

Craig David

He will surely be returning to the island after his successful party TS5 Pool Party. Craig has a residency at Ibiza Rocks Hotel, and he did enjoy his 8 weeks of stay in Ibiza last year.

Craig David in ibiza

Sourece: Essential Ibiza.


James Blunt

This singer/songwriter/beachgoer spends his time at the White Isle with his wife, Sofia Wellesley. They also celebrated their marriage in Ibiza, specifically at the s’Estanyol beach.

james blunt summer holiday in ibiza

Holiday Villas for Everyone in Ibiza

Ibiza is not just for the A-list famous celebrities, as you could also visit the stunning island for those wonderful surroundings. Not all Villas in Ibiza are expensive though. So stop thinking it is only for the rich and famous. There are holiday villas for everyone in Ibiza that fit all budgets and needs. Some of them are the following:

What are you waiting for? Ibiza is the perfect destination for you. This place is romantic, mysterious, exciting, vibrant and classic as well as an eye-catcher for everyone. At daytime, you could be boating, shopping, barhopping and sightseeing. By night, dining, wining and partying until after dawn are perfect.

You will definitely meet a lot of people, famous celebrities, fashionistas, bloggers, international musicians and many more. So if you’re looking to meet celebrities in Ibiza, then don’t think twice but book a villa now!

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