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A list of adventurous activities to do in Ibiza

Adventurous Tourism in Ibiza: Sport and Adrenaline

Adventurous Tourism in Ibiza: Sport and Adrenaline
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If you are into adventurous tourism in Ibiza then you´ve come to right place. There are a lot of activities that can be done in Ibiza aside from visiting clubs, bars, and restaurants and exploring the party scene in the island.

The different beach clubs around Ibiza offer various fun activities in Ibiza during the day that you can enjoy with your partner, with your family, or with your close friends. Aside from the water sports and everyday things to do in Ibiza, there are also other activities that you never thought would be available in the island.

Let´s dive into some adventurous tourism in Ibiza

Water Sports and Activities

Try out a whole range of water sports and activities available and are offered by some of the water companies in the island. You can either do lessons for these activities if it’s your first time to do them or do them on your own if you have prior experience in doing them. The price includes the rental of the equipments needed for each sport or activity.

  • Sailing
  • Snorkeling
  • Scuba Diving
  • Stand Up Paddle Boarding
  • Kitesurfing
  • Jet Skiing
  • Surfing
  • Kayaking
  • Flyboarding
  • Free Diving
  • Cliff Jumping
  • Wakeboarding
  • Parasailing
  • Banana Boat
  • Water Skiing
  • Ringo
  • Catamaran
  • Boating

Water Parks and Inflatable Islands

Water parks are one of the places to stay with kids. There are a couple of water parks that the whole family can enjoy in the island of Ibiza. Enjoy the different slides, catapults, trampolines, rope swings, swimming pools, and a whole lot more that the water parks and inflatable islands have to offer.

Adventurous tourism in Ibiza on water slides

A waterslide in the sea close to the beach

Boat Trips and Island Tours

This is a fun activity that you can enjoy especially if you have kids in tow. You can explore nearby islands and other places by riding a boat. You can also enjoy parties at the different party boats. There are several party boats that offer day boat trips or sunset party boat trips.

Explore Ibiza on an adventurous boat trip tour.

The adventure never ends on your boat trip around Ibiza

Watch the Sunset

And how about free things to do in Ibiza? Ibiza has one of the best sunsets in the world. It is one of the magical things that you can experience in the island all throughout the year. Each sunset experience is unique and you will never see the same sunset twice. Ibiza has a couple of scenic spots to have a spectacular view of the sunset. Each spots offers a unique viewing angle and scenery as the sun sets into the sea. These are the best spots to catch sunset in Ibiza:

  • Benirrás Beach
  • Cala Conta
  • Es Codolar Beach
  • Santa Inés
  • San Antonio Bay
  • Sunset Strip
  • Cala D’Ort overlooking Es Vedra
  • Ibiza Town
  • Las Salinas
  • Sunset Boat Trips at the Sea

We actually have a great article covering our top 5 sunsets in Ibiza, have a look if you´re interested.

A spectacular sunset from the beaches of Ibiza

How about this for a sunset, absalutely breathtaking.

Walking and Hiking Tours

Some tour companies in the island offer walking and hiking tours that let you discover nice trails and unknown paths that tourists don’t normally go to. Explore the island, its coasts and its mountainous areas on foot with these guided tours. If it´s adventurous tourism you´re looking for…. look no further than Ibiza.

An adventure walking tour on Ibiza

Enjoy the views from the top of a mountain.

Biking and Cycling Treks

Ibiza is quite popular for mountain biking and road cycling where you can discover different routes, find the best trails, and experience everything that the island has to offer. The bike routes are adjusted based on the physical capabilities and ability of the participants. There are skills classes, solo riders, guided tours, and even all female groups offered to cater to the needs of the customers.

Aside from the bike tours, you can also rent a bike or motorcycle that you can use to go around the island.

Explore the mountain bike trails on Ibiza

Take a bike-ride along the beaches and enjoy your adventure trip to Ibiza.

Trail Biking Tours

Aside from bikes, there are also trail biking tours offered in Ibiza where you ride a motorcycle along with other bikers and go around and enjoy the off-road riding experiences that the island has to offer for four to five days. There is also a one-day tour available if you don’t have enough time to go around the island.

A rider balanced on a log with his bike.

Offroad biking will certainly get the adrenaline pumping.

Jeep Tours

Enjoy jeep tours around the north, west, and east of Ibiza with Ibiza Jeep Safari in Santa Eulalia. Explore the undiscovered and hidden spots in the island and also the areas that are not easily reachable on a jeep. This is a whole-day tour that includes a typical Spanish food for lunch with Ibizan specialties and Mediterranean herbs.

Jeeps exploring rocky trails in Ibiza

Hold on tight, it´s gonna be a bumpy ride.

Hot Air Balloon Flight

Take a scenic hot air balloon flight to see Ibiza from the sky. The tours last for three hours which include a hotel pick-up and a 45 minute flight over Ibiza, breakfast, ‘Air Baptism’ with cava, flight certificate, and a trip back to the hotel.


This activity is for the adrenaline junkies who want to enjoy the terrific view of San Antonio and its surrounding bay during the day or the crazy party scene at night. This is a thrilling ride that will take you up to 160 km in the sky in just 1.3 seconds.

Have a look at the video as it´s one of the unusual things to do in ibiza, this is not for the faint-hearted…

Horse Riding

You can also ride a horse in es Murta Natural Park located in the northern part of the island where you can go for treks to the hidden and hard to reach places in the island. Enjoy treks in mountain tops, lush forests, and sandy beaches. The treks range from 2 hours to half day or full day treks with lunch break and other activities like scuba diving, yoga, and swimming with the horses. Here´s some more info about a comany that provides horse riding services for your adventurous tourism in Ibiza to get you started.

Horse riding as an adventurous activity for tourism in Ibiza.

Saddle up and get to know your horse on a ride along the beaches.

Tree Top Adventures

Try different circuits and tree top adventures at Acrobosc Ibiza Tree Top Adventure Park in Es Canar. There are different circuits, zip lines, ropes, climbing areas, ladders, and a whole lot more that both adults and children can enjoy. This adventure park is open from April to October.

Adventurous treetop hopping in Ibiza

Brave the heights on this adventurous tree-top circuit in Ibiza.


This is another activity that the whole family can enjoy especially if you have kids but this is also a great entertainment for groups of friends. You can do this at Ibiza Karting in San Antonio. This facility is open from May to October.

Racers in the gocarts racing around a track.

How fast can you get around the track?


Enjoy playing paintball at Paintball Lounge Party in San Antonio. The complex is 12,000 square metres which includes a swimming pool, a lounge area, a BBQ, a bar DJ, and a large area for paintball. This complex is open everyday during the summer from 10:00 to 21:00.

Two paintball players hiding behind a tree aiming at their targets.

Find your target and outflank your opponent in a paintball match in Ibiza.

Rock Climbing

Ibiza Vertical Centre Rock Climbing & Indoor Climbing in San Jose offers rock climbing routes on the island and also an indoor climbing wall. They offer climbing classes, climbing courses, guided rock climbing, and baptisms for all levels. The price includes the rental of equipment except for the shoes which you can rent separately. This is an activity that can be enjoyed by adults and children alike.

Practice climbing on these artifitial climbing walls

Practice your climbing skills on these great walls.

Spa Treatments

Go for a relaxing trip to the spa where you can have beauty, health, and relaxation treatments or a massage. There are different spas all over the Ibiza that you can choose from.

Spa facial treatment in Ibiza

Get some time to wind down if the adventure gets too much.

Sports Clubs

You can do some sports in the island where you could rent the whole court or complex to play tennis, football, squash, archery, table tennis, golf or simply go running.

A man targeting with his bow and arrow in adventurous archery on the island.

There are loads of different sporting activities to do in Ibiza.

Fitness Centres

If you are a gym rat, you will enjoy the facilities offered by some of the health and fitness clubs in the island where you can do functional training, yoga, swimming, and other kinds of workout.

Dumbels in an outdoor gym in Ibiza

Enjoy some time in your gym right next to the beach.


Yoga is one of those activities that is perfect for the beach. There are yoga centres and facilities available in the island where you can attend regular classes and workshops or do private lessons at.

People taking part in a yoga class next to the beach

Enjoy the breeze and spectacular views while doing some yoga in Ibiza.


Visit the one of a kind aquarium that is housed inside a cave in San Antonio, Cap Blanc Aquarium. It is also known as the Lobster Aquarium because it used to be a lobster hatching facility until it was converted into an aquarium in 1989. You can find a wide range of Mediterranean fish, sea animals and turtles in here.

Take a virtual tour for yourself…


Ride the Ibiza Express

Explore the north eastern part of the island by riding a mini-train called the Ibiza Express. This is a suitable activity for the family including kids who will surely enjoy the view. There are three different tours to let you experience the different parts of the north east which last for about three hours. The Ibiza Express departs at Es Canar with varying schedules depending on the tour that you will choose. It runs from May to October.

Ride the Ibiza Express as a family on the island

This is yet another fun family activity on the island.

Escape Rooms in Ibiza

This activity is perfect for families or groups of friends especially on a rainy day. There are four different escape games with varying challenges and adventures.

Not enough for a rainy day? Here´s a list of 8 things to do on a rainy day on Ibiza.

Solve the riddle and escape the room.

How do you escape the rainy days on Ibiza?


Another activity that you can do when it’s raining is play bowling at Vilaparc Bowling in Ibiza Town. This place has a bowling alley with pool tables, air hockey, table football, pinball machines, and arcade games. They also show sports on big screens while you enjoy your snacks.

Recap on adventurous tourism in Ibiza

As you can see, there are plenty of fun activities to do on the island in addition to the must see places in Ibiza everyone already knows about. Whether it´s a rainy day or a sunny one, we hope that there´s something on our list of adventurous tourism in Ibiza that tickles your fancy.

With that being said, which activity would you like to try out on your next adventure filled holiday trip to Ibiza?

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