Top Sunset Spots In Ibiza

Top Sunset Spots In Ibiza
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Ibiza is definitely at the top of the list of any traveler visiting the Mediterranean. With gorgeous beaches and an amazing view of nature, the island truly offers the best of the Mediterranean. Traveling to Ibiza cannot be truly complete without experiencing the gorgeous sunsets the While Isle has to offer. They are truly a spectacle, watching the shades of the sun as it slowly sinks into the water is truly an experience to remember. The island offers a plethora of amazing places to watch the sunsets, each of them has its own unique beauty. Here is our list of the top sunset spots in Ibiza.

Sunset Strip

The sunset strip definitely takes the crowning jewel achievement as the primes location to observe the sunset. It is one of the most visited spots as well. With a host of different bars for entertainment and splendid views of the Sapphire sea, the location offers amazing views of the sun’s descent.



The strip hosts an incredible array of parties with top global DJ and parties held at premier locations like Café del Mar, Savannah, Café Mambo & Mint Lounge. The atmosphere is absolutely incredible with thousands of people across all ethnicities from around the world gather to witness the spectacle of the sunset.

For people with a knack for more relaxed settings, a further stroll down the strip takes you to the quieter bars with fewer crowds and a much more relaxed setting to enjoy the views. Golden Buddha and Bamboo are one of the spots for such viewingexperiences.


Benirras Beach



You cannot go to Ibiza and not go to Benirras beach. Located 10 minutes away from San Miguel, the beach offers absolutely stunning displays of the rock formations. These formations locally referred to as “The finger of God” or Cap Bernet as they are natively referred, is one of the most beautiful sights to behold. The beach offers a warm and intimate setting to enjoy the sunsets and is host to a plethora of rituals. The Summer Sundays host an array of drummers and performance that play at the sunset to enhance the experience. Nearby locations offer an assortment of food and drink options with Mediterranean cuisine popular with most tourists. The restaurants are eco-friendly and offer great dining options to elevate the experience.

The presence of vibrant music enhances the experience of witnessing the sun slowly sinking below the rock formations. The tradition, stemming from an anti-war protest continues today with thousands of people joining along in the peak of summers.


On A Boat By The Sea



Even though the café’s and spots on land offer their own unique attractions, the best way by far to celebrate the sunset is in open sea away from the noise and crowds. This option offers an intimate setting along with the great sailing company. The view of the waves slowly dancing on the waters dispersing sunlight into a thousand gorgeous colors is a sight to behold. As the sun sinks deeper, the movement of the waves come together to form a truly splendid scene.

Taking the time to celebrate amongst personal company away from the crowded areas is definitely an experience to witness with one’s own eyes. The color and views make for a lifetime of beautiful memories.


Es Vedra

Off the west coast of the island, lies the mythical rock Es Vedra. Experiencing an Ibiza sunset from Es Vedra is truly a spiritual experience. With a splendid company, the rock offers gorgeous views both from the cliff and higher ground. The view offers a thought-provoking display of nature in all of its splendor.



One of the most interesting aspects of the rock is its recognition as the 3rdmagnetic rock in the world. There have been widespread tales of the location impacting magnetic and navigation instruments which make the visit all the more worthwhile.

Home to a plethora of myths, the island truly feels magical when experiencing a sunset looking down the cliff. It is a must-have experienced while visiting Ibiza.


Sunset Ashram

For anyone looking for a great view of the sunset alongside great tasking food, Sunset Ashram is a must try the restaurant. Offering unparalleled views of the beach near Cala Conta, the restaurant is host to bohemian crowds and amazing musical company.



The music truly elevates the experience going along magically with the sunsets, it is an incredibly unrated spot to witness the majestic sunset and is definitely a must try spot in Ibiza.

The location is not accessible easily but major taxies can be taken to be transported to the location. Even though it’s a minor inconvenience, the trip is definitely worthwhile.

Even though all of these spots have their own charms and attractions, the most import aspect of the experience is great company. We would definitely recommend traveling with great travel companions and the intent to experience as many spots as possible. Feel free to let us know your favorite spots or any hidden jewels that we might have missed. We would love to hear your opinion.

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