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The first Americans in Ibiza

The first Americans in Ibiza
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The Spanish have been doing it even before the Europeans, Russians and Australians learned about it. According to Legends, Americans are lovers of Ibiza, and soon, some are about to become the first Americans to experience it.

Tourist love to visit Ibiza because of the sheer freedom and the mood of vacation as you set foot on the island. It is only in Ibiza where you get to smoke a joint in the airport. Besides passport control, you can walk everywhere you like on the island.

The Americans love Ibiza, but they often visit as part of a European tour, which is always short and comes at an odd time. There is more to Ibiza than the summer parties and nightlife; the traditional place is more relaxed than America. The clubs and trendy bars are amazing, but what stands out most is that Ibiza is beautiful.


Activities in Ibiza island

There is always an opportunity to become the first Americans in Ibiza to do something. There are new hotels, restaurants, and new joints coming up. It is still fun to be a small number of like-minded people as a family, a couple, or a bunch of friends. There are activities and fun things to do all around the Ibiza island.


The legend spreading is that Ibiza is a never-ending parting destination. However, there is more to that, especially in the summers. Young and old tourists visit Ibiza during the holiday season. They stay on the little island, the third largest of the Balearic Islands, to indulge in the Northern European habit of one- or two-weeks break.

Ibiza is conducive as a summer destination because the temperatures here are warm and mild throughout the whole year. The favorable climatic conditions have led to a dramatic increase in the number of American tourists in the last few years. Eivissenc is the native language spoken in Ibiza; others like English, French, German, and Italian came due to the influence of tourism and foreign migrants.

The famous Island was made open to international tourism in the late 1950s. The First Americans in Ibiza were probably among the hippies who held their gatherings in the 1960s and 1970s. They would regroup in the beaches for a talk, music and holistic medicine. When the waters were more accommodating, nude bathing was a lifestyle to them. The hippie’s legendary parties initiated the clubbing culture in Ibiza.

Ibiza has a rustic beauty which attracts companies, artists and tourists for photographic and film shoots. Getting around Ibiza Town can be done on foot by walking, and climbing the top of the Old Town area known to offer a fantastic view of the island. Other best parts of Ibiza are only reachable by car or bus.

Ibiza is an excellent place to visit for sightseeing. There is a wide variety of restaurants, clubs, and harbors full of boats and yachts. You could be the only American in Ibiza because the accent there is that of Brits. You can visit some of the walkable beaches and get to watch the sunset, which is always fantastic if you are not alone.

Ibiza is a beautiful gateway with charming shores and lively nightlife. If you love to party, then Ibiza is the place to be. There is a club scene in Ibiza, where the nights are never ending for dancers and revelers under the influence of some of the world’s best DJs.

The island has magical landscapes that comprise of hidden sea covers, secret beaches, and unmitigated valleys rising to awe-inspiring mountains. You could be the first Americans in Ibiza to swim on lesser-known beaches that are surrounded by lovely rock pools.

Some of the Mediterranean views Ibiza include:

  • Ancient hilltop villages
  • Sprawling vineyards
  • Pristine beaches
  • Exclusive sunsets



You can also be the first Americans in Ibiza to visit some of the hidden and secret hotels and explore the white, sandy beaches. There are perfect spots in Ibiza to relax and recharge as you enjoy the crystal-clear view of the turquoise waters.  Being the first American in Ibiza gets you the best hotels and packages for you and your family.

The people in Ibiza know how to treat you as the first Americans on the island. You will get to enjoy traditional Ibizan cuisine and amazing Spanish food. You can have your lunch or means on a rocky outcrop overlooking the sea, in informal beach restaurants or cook your meals in rented family homes.

Being the first Americans in Ibiza, the holiday rental villas are affordable and available in luxury, family, private, and exclusive accommodations. They come with all the facilities you need, including extra services such as a private chef, car hire rental, charter boats, and many more. Let us not forget the discounts on car rentals.

Why not be the first Americans in Ibiza to experience the quieter side of the island. In this summer, you have the opportunity to have a slice of heaven by visiting the white sands of Spain for a week or two of Sun and Sea. Do not hesitate to enjoy the best holiday experience as the First Americans in Ibiza.





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