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  • The enjoyable and historical village of San José

The enjoyable and historical village of San José

The enjoyable and historical village of San José
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What makes the picturesque town of San José one of the most admired? Both tourists and the residents consider it one of the most beautiful in Ibiza. Nature, history and fun are mixed in this area, making any experience here unique.

Natural Park of Ses Salines

This area is full of beautiful cliffs, islets, and wild areas, being one of the main natural areas of Ibiza.
The paradisiacal archipelago of Ses Salines, forms a rural landscape full of green areas with pine trees. The houses of its inhabitants are distributed along the coast and in small urban centers. Locations where Rent Ibiza has splendid villas. If you want to feel the local atmosphere, Villa Viver is located in the middle of nature. From its kitchen, and the different outdoor spaces, you can contemplate the mountains. On the other hand, with Villa Pepa you can enjoy the sea, the beach and its magnificent climate. From the large windows, you can contemplate the sunrise and sunset.



Excursions with history

The coast of San José is known to house different defensive towers that were used in the past to guard the island and protect it from pirates. Some of them are the Torre des Carregador, other one in Sal Rossa, or one of the most famous: the Torre des Savinar or “la del Pirata”. The journey will become an adventure, with its meandering rocky trails. In addition, you can enjoy the views you will find during the journey, as well as from the top of the tower.



In San José there is a Phoenician settlement of sa Caleta, whose origins go back to the 7th century BC. For those who love history, visiting it will be an opportunity, and this piece of history is a World Heritage Site. You will find wells that were used for the agriculture of the island, the Cova Santa, a beautiful natural cave that has a roof full of stalactites, and medieval churches.

Another recommended excursion is the small town of es Cubells. Although it is very small, it is impressive to be surrounded by cliffs, also its church is considered one of the most beautiful in the area. Also, a route for those who like a bit of excitement is the visit of sa Pedrera or also known as “Atlantis”, where the rocks were extracted to build the wall of Ibiza. It is a very rocky cliff, so we advise all visitors to wear comfortable shoes, food and plenty of water, especially in summer. In spite of is a hard journey, at the end of it you will find a bath in its crystalline waters and a sandy and mountainous landscape.

Water sports

The calm waters of the beaches of San José are perfect for practicing water sports, such as kayaking or paddle surfing. In addition, with this type of activities you can skirt the area and know the places that are inaccessible on foot of the Ibizan coast. Its coves are small and quite closed. Being sparsely populated they are ideal for practicing this type of sports.


The intense blue of its waters will surprise you, and with each cove you visit you will find a legend. The beaches we recommend are Cala d’Hort, the islets of es Vedrà and es Vedranell and Cala Conta. Specifically in Cala d’Hort you will find some of the highest points of Ibiza, with panoramic views from its viewpoints. The beach d’en Bossa is one of the most advisable to sail due to its exposure to strong winds. Although it is also advisable to spend a day at the beach because of its easy access from the urban center. So, you can go by any transport, and even on foot.

Hiking on the beaches is advisable at the top of Sa Talaia. It is not a complicated route and its really beautiful panorama, especially at sunset.

Go shopping

Ibiza is famous for its diverse Hippy Markets. In San José is one of the most visited and admired is the Hippy Market Playa d’en Bossa. In the summer season you will find handicrafts, clothing, costume jewelery, accessories, typical Ibiza pottery, even moroccan leather. It is located in a central area, and every morning and afternoon in summer.

Ibiza is a place to get lost, enjoy the sun, and its legends and customs. In San José you will find the perfect combination of relaxation and adventure.

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