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Incomparable Ibiza: Spotlight on Cala Bassa Beach

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There is no doubt that Ibiza is one of the best beach destinations in the world. The beautiful island pulsates with energy, but at the same time it also radiates tranquility. Ibiza’s unexplainable lure lies in the island’s unique vibe, and that’s what keeps people coming back for more.

No other beach in Ibiza reflects this unique combination of energy and tranquility than lovely, horseshoe-shaped Cala Bassa beach. Stumbling into this crescent bay, you will see soft, golden sand dotted with tamarind trees, pines, and junipers before it just outs into the clearest turquoise water. In fact, many people are saying that it may have the cleanest and clearest water that you will ever find in Ibiza, and Cala Bassa holidays are becoming more popular with its promise of utter enjoyment and relaxation.

In addition to that, you will glimpse magnificent views of Cap Nono and the town of San Antonio while lying on your hammock by Cala Bassa beach. Aside from its soft, golden sand, its waterfront is perfectly shallow and gently drops, making it perfect for dipping and cooling off.

Cala Bassa in Ibiza

Cala Bassa Beach – Location and How to Get There

Cala Bassa Beach Ibiza is located in the municipality of Sant Josep de sa Talaia. From the perspective of the whole island, it is on the North West coast, close to Sant Antoni, the second largest town of Ibiza. Its curve of fine sand is accessible from Sant Antoni, as you head southwards, which is just a 10-minute drive.

Cala Bassa beach can be accessed in two ways: either by car or by bus. There are clear road signs that give explicit and understandable directions, so you will easily find your way. There are available parking spaces in the island, so parking should not be a problem for those who wish to bring a car.


During the summer, there is one other option to go to Cala Bassa beach. There are regular ferry services to and from Sant Antoni, which only takes a mere 15 minutes.

Because it is easily accessible from Sant Antoni, Cala Bassa holidays are getting a word-of-the-mouth buzz from holidaymakers.

Activities in Cala Bassa Beach

The whole 300 meter long stretch of Cala Bassa beach offers a myriad of choices for the holidaymaker. The greatest pleasure of Cala Bassa beach is that there is something to do for all types of people. Everyone from families, adrenaline junkies and party-goers will all find something fun to do here.

Since the water surrounding the area is relatively shallow and progressively slopes downward, it is safe for children to swim in. Adults will also enjoy the crystal-clear water, and rocky promontories dotted across the sand are perfect jump-off points for more adventurous swimmers. For those who like to fish, these rock outcrops are also ideal as you sit there and wait for the perfect catch.

The outcropping of rock on both sides of Cala Bassa beach is ideal for snorkeling, as the water is calm and inviting. Snorkelers will find interesting fish amidst craggy rocks and small caves. During the summer, yachts congregate by the bay, and you can see their inhabitants jumping straight from the deck into the inviting azure waters.

source yacht-meeting

Source: yacht-meeting.

Kayaks and paddles boards are available for rent, and lifeguards will ensure that even children are safely enjoying their beach adventure.

Adrenaline junkies will enjoy many types of water sports that are available. When you are on holiday with friends and family, nothing is more fun that riding the ski bus, where you can ride along the waves at high speeds. Enjoy the thrill of riding in the water. You can also go waterskiing, and there are rental jet skis available in the island for a reasonable fee. Ride safely along a marked circuit, where there are monitors who are available for help. Many holidaymakers also love to hop on ringo rides that go around Cala Bassa bay. San Antonio bay has a lot of caves and interesting little nooks to explore.

Source: alwaysibiza.com

Source: alwaysibiza.com

Services in Cala Bassa Beach

Families with little children and people on wheelchairs will find the boardwalks very convenient because they provide access to lounging areas and restaurants on the beach.

The Cala Bassa Beach club offers food service from all of their main restaurants that can be served right on the beach, so you can enjoy your food while relaxing on a sun lounge, with sand tickling your feet.

source ibizaagents

If you just want to lie down and relax, there are hammocks available. You have your choice of individual or group hammocks or even exclusive VIP hammocks. Lounge on the beach amidst the shades of thousand-year-old juniper trees, sipping champagne or sangria or getting a full-body massage.

The resident DJs of the Cala Bassa Beach club fill the atmosphere with pulsating music, which reinforce the Ibiza vibe.

Source: omustdelomustblog

Source: omustdelomustblog

Restaurants and Bars in Cala Bassa

There are varieties of restaurants in Cala Bassa beach that offer the best regional cuisine, as well as a bit of international flair.

If you want to sample the best of Ibizan and Mediterranean cuisine, try Chiringuito, located in Cala Bassa Beach Club. With lovely views of the water and Cap Nono, it is open all year round and serves fresh products of the island. For starters, order Acorn-fed Iberian Ham or Aged Sheep Cheese. Enjoy lobster over rice or paella for mains.

Source: pasionlujo

Source: pasionlujo

The CBbc Restaurant, also in Cala Bassa Beach Club, is only open from 1st May to 31st October, and it is a fusion gourmet restaurant. Other restaurants open from May to October are the Sushi Restaurant, and the Gourmet Corner. The Sushi Restaurant has excellent chefs that have 25 years’ experience. Try tasty sushi rolls such as Dragon, Spice Tuna, and Summa Roll. For those who are looking for refined, gourmet food, try Cala Bassa Beach Club’s Gourmet Corner where you can have caviar and oyster by the beach.

Villas near Cala Bassa

There are many superb villas for rent near Cala Bassa. Whatever your budget or your preferences are, you will surely find the perfect accommodation.

Here are a few highly-rated suggestions from Rent Ibiza Holiday Villas:

Villa Ramos

villa near cala bassa ibiza

Villa Ramos

This 250 square meter property has four rooms, three baths, and can accommodate seven guests. It also has a fully-fitted kitchen, two luxurious living rooms, and a swimming pool. The villa sits on Sant Antoni Bay, where you get access not only to the bars and restaurants of Sant Antoni, but also is accessible to the road that leads to Cala Bassa beach and other leading Ibiza beaches.

Villa Paris

Villa Paris

Villa Paris

This beautiful house with an expansive courtyard is located in Cami de San Vorera, Sant Antoni Bay. The villa has provision for a secure parking space. It can easily fit 10 people, and it has five double bedrooms. The road that leads to the villa is conveniently connected to the main road.

Villa Serra

Villa Serra

Villa Serra

This lovely villa which can accommodate 8 people is in Sant Josep de sa Talaia, and it has four modern and spacious double rooms and four baths.

Villa Armonia

villa ibiza sea views

Villa Armonia

This beautiful, relaxing villa has a pool and lounging area and stunning views of the beach and the mountains. It has four rooms and three baths, so there are two bedrooms that share one bathroom

Rated as one of Ibiza’s best beaches, Cala Bassa Beach Ibiza is an ultimate destination, offering the best of both worlds – fun and relaxation. Its stunning waters, fine sand, rocky outcrop and shady trees offer a quieter respite from the rest of Ibiza. You will surely have an unforgettable holiday at Cala Bassa Beach, and you will not be able to wait to come back.