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Shopping in Ibiza, The Definitive Guide

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Ibiza is well-known for being the gem of the Balearic Islands and captures the reputation of “Party Island” because of its vibrant nightlife and lively music scene. However, only valuing the island for its party spots is a waste of potential, as Ibiza is also home to some of the most premier shops and markets in Europe. Putting an emphasis on the luxurious storefronts in Ibiza can transform a simple partying holiday into a gift that keeps on giving for years after the vacation has come to an end.

The All-Inclusive Master List for Shopping in Ibiza

The unique thing about the Ibizan shopping scene is that there are fantastic shopping locations on any part of the island, allowing the traveler to customize the trip towards their interests instead of having to conform to a certain area of the island. Ibiza consistently defies expectations and brings adventure to every aspect of a holiday.

Shopping in Ibiza Old Town

Source: APCCDT Harbour

Source: APCCDT Harbour

Ibiza Old Town, or Eivissa as it is known in Catalan, attracts a prodigious international crowd each year, much due to its prominence in the clubbing industry, such as the famous Pacha. Its clubs are stocked with the world’s best DJs each night throughout the year. Along with its other tremendous features such as the historic district of Dalt Vila and high-end fashion stores, it’s guaranteed that you will never be at a loss for something to do.

Whether you have some downtime in between relaxing on the beautiful beaches or villas near Ibiza Town that the capital city encompasses or decide to make shopping your priority on the trip, Eivissa is a prime destination for distinct boutiques, shoe shops, and exclusive souvenirs.

The cobbled streets of Dalt Vila provide for a picturesque trip, allowing you to relax as you look on to the Mediterranean. This location is a remarkable spot to purchase souvenirs, as well as to try fresh fruits and vegetables at the market.

Source: ibizatrendy

Source: ibizatrendy

From traditional high-quality handicrafts to artisanal sandals, the family-owned stores in this part of town create a beautiful panorama of Ibiza and have many useful goods to gift someone or to treat yourself with. This aesthetically-pleasing side of the city has it all, with good eats, splendid views, and grassroots shops that make up the soul of Ibiza.

Ibiza Old Town Map

The Ibiza Clothing Style

Even in its shopping, Ibiza is versatile. It has the perfect type of clothing for any visitor, ranging from authentic Ibizan style to contemporary designer shops. Ibiza is renowned for its world-class fashion market, with its extravagant aesthetics made popular by many celebrities.

adlib ibiza fashion

Source: isabelaguilera

A particularly influential fashion style in Ibiza is known as Adlib. The namesake of the trend speaks multitudes about the message of the clothing type. Named after the Latin phrase Ad libitum, meaning “as you please” or, similarly, “freedom,” the clothing style strives to break former fashion limits and go for an independent approach. Based off of traditional island wear, such as straw hats, esparto-soled shoes, and shawls, Adlib aims to be carefree, effortless, but real at the same time.

Typified by its handmade white fabric and intricate lace, free-flowing Adlib clothing has been embraced by many and further popularized since its inception, leaving the tourist with no choice but to bring home at least one piece.


One of the most acclaimed Adlib designers in Ibiza is Charo Ruiz, who has more than 30 years of experience in this field. Known for the signature care and construction of the garments, Ruiz’s line is the physical embodiment of fluency.

Ibiza Boho Chic

In addition to the highly-awarded Adlib style, many Hippie-inspired fashions are seen parading the streets of Ibiza. Because the Flower Power movement in the 1960s affected the island so greatly, many were enamored by the messages of love, peace, and prosperity that it exuded.

Designers were inspired by the images they saw and innovated the look to create clothes that gave off an easygoing and peace-loving vibe. This boho chic couture was well-received by the public and has been perpetuated to this day. This fashion is perfect for the island lifestyle, with its beautiful detail and serene essence.

Source: paseodegracia

Source: paseodegracia

Reina & Roses Fashion Designer in Santa Eulalia is a beautiful shop that creates stunning floral clothing based off of Ibiza’s music, sunsets, and wildlife. Designer Brigitte Fussy carefully prints her ornate patterns by hand with outstanding silks, cottons, and microfiber fabrics. A piece from this collection is a beauty, with the elegance and regality necessary to turn its wearer into a true reina, or queen.

Markets of Ibiza

Another amazing aspect of the Ibiza culture is the prevalence of markets in whimsy, souveniring, and fashion. While there are many highly-revered markets on the island, one of the most interesting and unique is the Hippy Market located in Es Canar.

Hippy Market Ibiza Map

With live music, food, and other entertainment to accompany you while you make your way through the stalls of the bazaar, there are a myriad of items and collections on display, ranging from leather goods, handbags, and jackets to shoes and accessories. This market is a quirky alternative to the typical Ibiza shopping and is also beneficial because it is much lighter on the wallet.

Shopping for food?


Shopping for clothes alone can get boring, so what better way to spice up your trip by shopping for food as well? Food markets have become increasingly popular on the island due to the fresh taste and affordable price. Fresh markets in Ibiza such as the Mercat Nou are held every day except Sunday, selling fresh fruits and vegetables, meats, and other goods. A trip to a fresh market in Ibiza is necessary for a complete immersion into the local fusion.

Typical Souvenirs

Because there are so many different options of souvenirs to choose from, it might be a little overwhelming to decide which item to purchase. Entering shops with more knowledge about what to look for makes the process less stressful and time-consuming, leaving more room for relaxation on your holiday.

To begin with, bringing back a little of the Ibiza flavor with you will go far with friends and family as well as being able to savor the delicious cuisine even after you have to leave. In particular, be sure to take home some Butifarra, a staple of the Catalan cuisine that will remind you of the beautiful beaches of Ibiza long after you’re gone. Gourmets are a popular souvenir type and are functional, serving as thoughtful gifts for any occasion.

butifarra spanish dishes

Source: canalcocina

While upscale fashion is a huge industry in Ibiza, some merchandise from your favorite club may be more suited to your tastes. Bringing home a club shirt will let you forever remember the amazing “Party Island” that you had the time of your life at. Along these same lines, a bottle of wine is a great long-lasting reminder of the island in all of its splendor.

Source: diariofemenino

Source: diariofemenino

Lastly, some of Ibiza’s meritorious jewelry would make a fine addition to any collection. Jewelry is easy to come by on the island and you can choose exactly what kind you want to purchase, whether it be an expensive model from a high-class boutique or jewelry with character and charm from one of the many markets around town. The unique, boho-inspired jewelry will steal all the attention and have others wondering where you bought it, wishing one for themselves. Alternatively, giving jewelry from Ibiza as a gift shows tremendous generosity and would be an honor for anyone to receive.

Store Opening Times in Ibiza


It’s important to note that the store opening times in Ibiza may be very different than what you are accustomed to. Due to the relaxed ambiance of the island, many stores open much later than expected at around 11 AM. Markets may open earlier at around 9 AM. While you may be eager to rise early and take in as much of Ibiza as you can, these opening times help you acclimate to the tranquility of the island, making your vacation more enjoyable and restful.

Spanish siesta, the period of time where locals take naps or a break from their day, takes place daily from 2 to 6 PM, leaving all stores are closed. No matter though, as the stores can also stay open as late as midnight or 1 AM to accommodate for the trendy nightlife in the area, particularly during the months of July and August. During the remainder of the year, a more tangible 8 PM closing time is in order.


Shopping in Ibiza

By taking the time to appreciate the world-class shops available in Ibiza, a tourist’s trip can be turned from merely a party to an amazing adventure of the history of the island. Because the island offers a renewed sense of revitalization and new experiences, the Ibiza shores make it impossible to leave empty-handed without at least one thing to remember the holiday by. Altogether, Ibiza is more than just its parties. It is a culmination of sensible fashion, breathtaking views, delicious food, and memorable escapades that will only leave you wanting more.