Ibiza Street Markets

Ibiza Street Markets
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From the quiet villages, to the beaches and yoga streets, and much more, Ibiza treats you to the best holiday experience and is definitely a place worth visiting. Not to mention, the markets too, the other major tourist activity. Since the early 1960s, this Balearic Island has had a very strong artistic background, thanks to the many designers, painters and artisans who flocked this place.

It is, thus, no surprise when we hear that this place is home to some of the world’s best markets. The freedom of expression, amazing lights and unique atmosphere are the very reason behind this huge attraction. Ever since there are markets happening throughout the year and mostly during the summer season. Buyers get to select the best handmade artefacts, jewellery, and clothing.

This article sheds light on some of the best hippy markets you should visit while at Ibiza.

San Jordis Flea Market

Located in Sant Jordi at the south end of the Islands village is the famous San Jordis Flea market. It is held at the horse trotting stadium and highly loved by the local dwellers for its authenticity. You can find almost everything here at fair prices from furniture, second-hand clothes, and even plants. The cosmopolitan atmosphere has made businesses there to thrive. It is open throughout the year but mostly during the winter season. Make a visit to this locals market and enjoy the best shopping experience. It is open on Mondays throughout the year from morning until the afternoon.

Las Dalias Market

The exotic colors and the picturesque atmosphere tell it all about the Las Dalias market located near San Carlos. Shopping here happens during the night. In this market are crafts, unique musical instruments, clothes and many more appealing items. You are definitely going to enjoy your shopping experience as you are entertained by some lively music.  Besides buying, there are also other services offered like body massage. This market is open from June to September on Monday and Tuesday from 7 p.m till late night hours.

Punta Arabi

This is currently the largest market in Ibiza. It was opened in 1973 and boasts of hosting the most stall in its expansive space. It is, thus, no surprise to find almost all items that you require between the bungalows winding paths, and in the pine tree shades. The Punta Arabi market is open to the public from April to October from morning till late evening. You can take your kids along on your shopping spree and leave them in the kid’s area. After you are done with shopping, you also get treated to delicious meals from the nearby hotels and enjoy some cool music too.

This is the sole market in the Island whose main area of interest is handicraft items. Be sure not to miss out on a market day and view true artisans’ exhibit and sell their products. The main product in this market includes ceramic items of contemporary and traditional designs. Other available items here are artisan-made products. The San Rafael market is normally open for trade from June to September from 7 p.m to around midnight. Make a point of visiting there on Thursday and get some authentic items at a fair cost.

San Juan Market

If you are visiting Ibiza for the first time and you feel you need to add some warm clothes, San Juan is the solution to all your needs. Ensure you visit there after attending service. It is open every Sunday from 10 a.m till late in the afternoon. You’ll have the chance of choosing the warmest attire from the vast types available. This market is also home to organic vegetables and fruits-all locally grown, crafts and delicious meals such as the common huge paella.

Another reason why you should visit the San Juan market is for you to experience the buzzing, colorful, and friendly atmosphere. Not to leave out the locals rich culture plus the open art gallery.

Art & Mercat, San Antonio

Located in the small lanes of Bisbe Torres and Rossel streets is the Art & Mercat market. This new market was opened with the aim of reviving San Antonio and promoting the traditions island. This market is home to every type of organic products, food and craft. Your day is also brightened as you get entertained by some live music during your shopping business. This market is open for trade all year round from May. However, note that opening times vary depending on the seasons. During summer, the market is open in the evening after temperatures drop. The 70 stalls available here are stocked with leather goods, ceramics, hand-made jewellery, and Ibiza’s organic products.


 This and many others are the must-visit markets to visit in Ibiza. You’ll have the chance to experience a mix of authenticity, organic products, and rich culture from the dwellers.

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