Best Locations to Surf in Ibiza

Best Locations to Surf in Ibiza
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Ibiza is one of the most popular islands in world. Known for its vibrant party culture and beautiful white beaches. Located in the Spanish Baleric region, it is amongst the most popular tourist destinations in the world for party lovers. Summertime is peak party season with an array of tourists visiting from around the world. However, in the off season, when the crowd has dissipated, Ibiza is a surfer’s paradise. The beautiful beaches and vibrant islands offer the perfect landscape for surfers. Despite the island’s reputation as a party hub, the surfing aspect of Ibiza is truly underrated.

If you intend to visit Ibiza for surfing, the best way to arrive to the island is by the means of a rental car. The island offers a range of amazing surfing hotspots in different areas. Hiring a car rental allows you the freedom to travel and explore that one that best suits your needs. The car also allows to explore alternatives in case a surfing spot isnt to your liking. Depending on the time of the year, the waves are ideal in different areas. A bit of exploring will help you figure out your ideal surfing spot.

Ibiza airport is the ideal spot to rent cars. It is the first landing spot for most tourist and renting a car there allows visitors to save the hassle of searching for a car later. Booking a few weeks in advance will allow you the liberty to choose the exact car you want. It will also help you save time by having a pre-arranged set up to help accommodate your travel.

Even though Ibiza is not globally popular for its surfing potential, the waves are truly magnificent to surf. The lack of attention allows visitors to enjoy the calm and privacy away from the crowd and makes for priceless moments.

Here are the most recommended spots to checkout if you happen to visit Ibiza for Surfing.

Cala Nova Beach

Located on the North-East of the island, Cala Nova is one of the most consistent spots to surf in Ibiza. The location offers through the year waves that make the surfing experience extremely fun. The best time to visit is Autumn/ Spring where the waves are at their fiercest. During the swell, the waves go upto 6 feet in height making for a truly enjoyable surfing experience. Cars can simply be parkers in the subsequent car park.

Cala Llenya Beach

Cala Llenya is located north of Cala Nova. It is a serene spot and offers consistent waves as well. Similar to Cala Noba, Cala Llenya has gorgeous views of nature and consistent wave spreads, making sure that your surf is a fun time.

Cala Aigua Blanca

Surfing in Ibiza is truly incomplete without Cala Aigua Blanca. Located in the North-East, Cala Aigua Blanca is truly considered the best surfing spot in all of Ibiza. With a northern swell, This spot offers monster waves nearing 10 feet in the winters. The spot is perfect to surf and have a great time. The spot has nearby parking space available which makes it ideal for visiting. The ideal time to visit it is during the winters as the crowds are gone and there is a lot of space and privacy. In the summer however, the beach is really crowded with tourists and locals alike. The spot is considered to be one of the most consistent spots as well. The swell is truly the strongest here.

Can Pujol Beach

Can Pujol is ideal for people that prefer privacy and space while surfing. Located on the South Western side of Ibiza, the location has incredible swells with good waves. The beach is rarely crowded so it is ideal for people that prefer to have their private space.

Playa Jondal Beach

Playa Jondal is one of the most accessible beaches in Ibiza, with 6 ft waves, the southern part of the island is a great place to surf. It offers beautiful views and the water is crystal clear.

With the wide number of options available in Ibiza, it is definitely difficult to pick a favorite. All these spots offer their own beauty and attractions and are all definitely recommended to visit. The ideal seasons for visiting are those after summer as the crowds are gone by then.

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