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Where is the Best Area to Stay in Ibiza?

Where is the Best Area to Stay in Ibiza?
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Ibiza is one of the most sought-after summer destinations in the world, with beautiful beaches, great resorts, and an unforgettable vibe that makes visitors come back again and again.

This beautiful Spanish island by the Mediterranean Sea has always been well-known for its dynamic nightlife.  But the party scene is just one part of Ibiza. Major nightclubs are mostly found in Ibiza Town and Sant Antoni, but Ibiza also has quiet villages and serene coves amidst pine-clad hills.

Many people are also not aware that Ibiza has a UNESCO World Heritage site distinction. There are four local wonders in Ibiza: the Dalt Vila Acropolis and the historic centre of Ibiza Town, the meadows of Posidonia seagrass that is endemic to the island, the Necropolis del Puig des Molins in Ibiza Town, and the Sa Caleta Phoenician Settlement located west of Ibiza Town.

Where is the best area to stay in Ibiza? It really depends on the reason why you’re going to the island and who you are going with.

Places to stay in Ibiza

Here is a complete breakdown of the best places to stay in Ibiza. Starting from the famous one: San Antonio, and walking around the island through Ibiza Town, San Jose, Ibiza Town, Santa Eulalia and North Ibiza.

San Antonio

There are five small beaches within short walking distance of each other in San Antonio Bay, perfect for strolling. By day, most tourists flock to these beaches, enjoying various water activities or just lounging around in sunbeds. There’s Es Pouet beach, with shallow waters and fine golden sand, Playa Pinet with renowned clubs located right on the beach, and Playa S’Estanyol with a promenade, and restaurants and bars lined up on its sandy coves.

San Sntonio Bay

Source: Enjoy Ibiza


If you prefer a fun, active atmosphere, then San Antonio is the perfect place for you. There are numerous activities to enjoy here – from jet-skiing, wakeboarding, parasailing, flyboarding, and so much more. Visitors also enjoy shopping for local handicrafts at the Mercadillo. By night, San Antonio is a party playground with a one-of-a-kind cosmopolitan atmosphere.


flyboarding in Ibiza

Source: Enjoy Ibiza


Some of Ibiza’s legendary clubs are located here, and there are dozens of music venues and beach bars on the famous sunset strip, where you can relax with cocktails while viewing the amazing Ibiza sunset. San Antonio attracts the younger party crowd, holidaymakers who love to have a good time, day and night.



San Jose

San Jose or Sant Josep de sa Talaia is much quieter than San Antonio. Experience a slower pace of life in this charming village with its own share of galleries, bars, restaurants and specialty shops. The Parish Church, which dates from between 1761 to 1763, is right in the centre of town.

Known for its coves and beaches, the 80-kilometre coastline of San Jose is an ideal paradise for couples who want to enjoy nature, biking, kayak trips and long walks. Nature lovers will surely enjoy their outdoor adventures in Ses Salines Natural Park or Islotes de Poniente natural reserve.

Islotes de Poniente natural reserve in ibiza

Source: Illes Balears.


This quieter side of Ibiza is not overrun by tourists and represents a more relaxed and laid-back side of Ibiza, away from the party scene. San Jose has a friendly, local atmosphere and a traditional, small-town charm. Most villas in San Jose are on the hills of Sa Talaia, offering spectacular views of the island.


Ibiza Town

Ibiza Town, the island’s capital, has two main parts: the modern part of the city is called the Eixample, which means extension, and the old, historic part of the town is called Dalt Vila (Upper Town).

The modern side of Ibiza Town boasts of beautiful beaches, shopping destinations and the port, where many sailboats and yachts are docked especially during the summer months. The marina has ferry services that bring visitors to surrounding islands. Ibiza Town is vibrant and active, pulsating with tourist activities.

There is a myriad of designer shops, trendy eateries, luxury accommodations, and boutique hotels throughout the city. By night, visitors enjoy alfresco dining and cocktails in its many bars and restaurants.

dalt vita ibiza

Source: Guía Repsol


Dalt Vila is the historic side of Ibiza Town, and is perfect for visitors who want to go sight-seeing and explore Ibiza’s colourful past and cultural influences through the years.  Dalt Vila is truly an important landmark on the island, with narrow cobbled streets lined with quirky art galleries and gift shops selling one-of-a-kind pieces made by local crafts people. A UNESCO World Heritage site, it features a 16th-century walled fortress, the Ibiza castle, and the magnificent Gothic/Baroque cathedral, which sits on top of the hill.

The people you’ll meet in Ibiza Town are the affluent locals, DJs who have made the island their home, the international yachting community, and VIP travellers who stay in the island’s luxury hotels.

Santa Eulalia

Located in the quietest area of the island, Santa Eulalia is ideal for holidaymakers looking for privacy or who prefer the quiet, rustic island lifestyle. Santa Eulalia usually attracts families looking for a serene but fun-filled holiday without running into rowdy holidaymakers.

It is near the airport, and features a stunning promenade filled with palm trees. You can stroll the tree-lined promenade, called the Rambla, which runs the length of the wide, white-sand beach.

Santa Eulalia Ibiza

Source: My Ibiza


Santa Eulalia has the reputation of being Ibiza’s cultural centre. There is a market featuring artisan shops and art galleries, run by local artists and craftsmen. There is also a stunning 16th-century church located at the top of Puig de Missa, which offers an incredible view of the municipality.

At the Western end of Santa Eulalia, in Mariner’s Beach, the only river in the Balearic Islands, Riu de Santa Eulalia, flows into the sea. You can walk up the newly-restored Roman bridge, passing through a pretty walkway that leads to a beautiful little beach.

North Ibiza

North Ibiza is one of the most tranquil and laid-back spots on the island, with numerous coves and beaches. This part of Ibiza has gained a reputation for its bohemian and relaxed lifestyle, where many wellness and healing facilities are located. Yoga enthusiasts also love the naturally serene atmosphere of North Ibiza.

You can shop for trinkets and goodies at the legendary Las Dalias hippy market which has been part of the island since the mid-1950s.  Las Dalias features hundreds of stalls and live performances, attracting the alternative crowd.

Las Dalias Ibiza

Source: Las Dalias


Cala Llenya is in the Northeast end of the island. It is a little white-sand beach amidst fragrant pine trees. It is a quiet and uncrowded beach, and for this reason it is much favoured by locals. There are many sheltered picnic spots among the pine trees.

One of the must-see places in North Ibiza are the C’an Marca, a mysterious, ancient network of caves near Puerto San Miguel.  Within the caves are caverns with oddly-shaped rock formations and eerie stalactites and stalagmites. Part of its allure is the fact that it was once used as a pirate hideout. In fact, there are ancient scribbles on the walls left by smugglers.

North Ibiza is also home to the Torre de Balasant, a 17th-century defence tower located on the port of San Miguel. The tower was designed by Juan Ballester y Zafra, and has two floors that is joined by a spiral staircase.

Torre de Ses Portes Ibiza

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